This is the submission site for grants from the UK charity Music for All. The opportunities to apply to us are all listed below. See our web site for further details.


If you represent a venue (i.e. music shop, recording studio, concert venue, teaching hub, rehearsal studio etc.) and wish to participate in Music for All's Learn To Play Event 2021, then this form is for you.


If you would like to participate in Music for All's Learn To Play Event 2021, then this form is for you.

Music for All is dedicated to helping people of all ages and social backgrounds get involved in the amazing world of music making. Established for over 20 years, MfA knows making music changes lives and can help physical and mental well-being.

This round of applications allows for five different types of projects:
1) Projects which are based on electric guitars and/or ukuleles. We are inviting groups in need of electric guitars and/or ukuleles to apply for some very special instruments (see some examples below - designs will vary).  

2) Projects based on analogue synthesisers: Due to a generous donation from Music Tribe we have up to 20 special Behringer MS-1 analogue synthesisers to award to deserving community projects. 

3) David Hughes piano or keyboard award This special award will be presented annually to support aspiring piano or keyboard players with an award of up to £2,000 to support their development either through the purchase of a keyboard-based instruments or the funding of relevant tuition.  This award can apply to individuals and community-based projects and has been made possibly by the generous donation of the Hughes family in memory of their father David Hughes, a devoted and enthusiastic piano player.

4) Projects based on innovation in remote music tuition: The restrictions of the pandemic have had a huge impact on music tuition and many have used new and innovative approaches to ensure music education can continue.  Music for All would like to continue its support of those rising to this challenge through the use of technology to support remote music tuition via a cash grant of up to £2,000 for a single project to demonstrate innovation in this area.  

5) Projects based on community choirs: During the past 18 months, choirs have often struggled to meet up and take part in the very activity that helps unites their community and alleviates the stress of those taking part.  We would like to recognise those choirs that have managed to maintain their community links and kept their choir working despite the many and changing restrictions around practice and performance.  A grant of up to £2,000 is available to support one or multiple choir-based community projects.

This round of Music for All awards is designed to recognise the challenges Covid has brought to nearly all music makers and acknowledge the vital role music plays in uniting communities.

Example instruments available for projects based on guitars and/or ukuleles:

(NB these are examples only: actual instruments awarded may vary substantially in style)

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