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Round 3 of funding offers our annual Harris Foundation Award as detailed below:

Harris Foundation Award

The Harris Foundation award is open to schools looking to deepen their music provision and support/or continue to support groups of music makers within their school. This funding proposal should add additional sophistication to existing music education provision and allow more pupils to appreciate the many benefits of music making

Funds can be used to support any type of ensemble including bands, orchestras or informal groups and should be put towards the purchase of instruments, studio equipment, specialised teaching support or other items specifically designed to support the establishment and/or continuation of music groups. A grant of up to £5000 is available for this award. Successful applicants will be required to document their progress in regular reports and supply evidence of progress over a 12 month period.

Please read the eligibility criteria and instructions carefully before applying. Applications (and witness statement forms) should be received by no later than 8am on Monday 30th September.

For further information and FAQs see here.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.